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In life we are faced with challenges almost daily. How you decide to react to these events will determine the outcome of your everyday life. By becoming an observer of events rather than being affected by them you gain power over the situation. For example if you get fired from your job and think that you are a loser that is the mentality you will carry. But if you see it as a new opportunity to grow as a person, then you have the power. Mindset is everything, your brain is like a paint brush to an artist. Use the creative power of your mind to create the things in life you wish to have. In my podcast and lectures I talk about three useful methods to attain this mindset. Meditation, Reflection, and Awareness, these three things can help you sharpen your mastery over your mind. While meditation create a visual of the best version of you, what does that look like? Now picture you looking in a mirror and the reflection is that perfect version of you. Be that person now and everyday, eventually it will become the real you. Reflect, sit for anywhere from ten to thirty minutes with a pen and paper and write your thoughts as they come to you. Notice wether or not they are negative or positive. At the end take a count of both, are you having more negative or positive thoughts? The key here is each time you do this to encourage the positive thoughts more often. Awareness is necessary in both meditation and reflection, by being aware of thought patterns and habits you can bring attention to them to create change.