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Most of us on the spiritual path are seeking something, either to get closer to god or to attain knowledge. Both are hoping to better their lives from these teachings, to heal pain or to end some kind of suffering. If you have done drugs or plant medicine then you know how it feels to be high. A spiritual high is powerful and utter bliss, however just like a drug high, we come down. After a breakthrough in freeing ourselves from attachment to something or someone we get the spiritual high. Until the next thing we need to free ourselves from. The next attachment or painful lesson, and there will always be more. As long as we have life or continue to another life, if you believe that. We will be working out our karma again and again until completion. Wether that is dying and going to another realm or back to source. Once you become aware of this life takes a wild turn. Because you no longer need to get ‘high‘ You are an actor playing in the a role in the game of life. When you stop acting and start living, you are liberated.